Totland Bay Pier is privately owned. It is 450ft long from land to pier head, which is 88ft x 52ft. The walkway is 14ft wide. The main building on the pier head is 13ft x 34ft with a separate bunkroom/kitchen with water and electricity. The building has shuttered windows down each side and large double doors on the front. There are steps down to a small landing stage and the pier has its own mooring. On the east side of the pier is a storage room and a small piermasters hut with an adjoining toilet.

Totland Bay Pier was built in 1880 by S.H. and S.W. Yockney. The main building was rebuilt in 1999 and the landing stage in 2000. The pier head piles are made from greenheart and stand proud of the pier by 2ft, with an additional safety rail all around the head. The decking all over is greenheart. The walkway piles are cast iron.

Totland Bay is a lovely unspoilt bay which attracts many yachts during the summer. It is close to The Needles and is the perfect location for fishing and watching yacht races from Cowes along the Solent and also sunsets which are spectacular.

The Totland Bay Pier is available as a location for film and TV and small private functions. The main building makes an excellent studio or exhibition space.



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